Gulp…..feet first

So…..here goes. This isn’t quite what I expected in my my mid-forties, but life is full of surprises. After 25 years  of full time work, in the summer of 2016 I found myself in charge at home (allegedly!)  after being made redundant from my own business…..

I’m an immensely proud father to four children plus step son – all of them amazing!! Not sure how that even happened but there isn’t a day goes by that they don’t make us laugh, cry (and sigh). My wife and I both have sons from our first marriages – B is 12 and lives with his Mum, N is 28 and living life to the full, travelling the world. Then there’s the three we were lucky enough to adopt in 2016, S aged 11, C aged 9 and E aged 8.

It’s taken a few months to find my feet, but after  taking up the reins from my amazing wife, who’s done an incredible job of settling the new family into a routine, I thought it would be fun to share our everyday experiences…..not sure why, but perhaps it’ll be cathartic in some way and hey, if it helps just one person make sense of their own mad world in some small way, then it’s worthwhile.

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