Seriously…..how can small people generate so much paperwork? So the last 3 hours have been spent completing forms for next term’s swimming club, gymnastics club, writing cheques for each and preparing some answers to E’s R.E. homework which I had completely forgotten about…bad father. It may not sound a lot, but either I’m really bad at it or it really does take that amount of time.

If anyone has ANY tips for remembering their birthdays I’d happily give them a free hug – no matter how many times I fill out forms, those dates are just not in that ‘instant recall’ part of the brain yet. Worse still, when meeting people for the first time and talking about the family, when asked their ages (simple, right?), I still can’t rattle them off, which frequently causes huge embarrassment on my part and much amusement for everyone else in the conversation.

If the form filling wasn’t bad enough, just when I was getting back on top of it and thought I might get outside to cut the grass, emails arrive from the schools with yet more forms…. oh and one of the schools called to see if I could help with a year 3 trip on Thursday – felt bad that I can’t, but maybe if they stopped sending so much paperwork home….

Caffeine has been my friend this morning.

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