Let’s try this again…

So, having had such enthusiasm to join the blogosphere and share my random musings and general experiences of being a SAHD to three amazing small people, a bunch of stuff happened last year and I lost my mojo on a number of fronts.

In common with a number of Dad bloggers, one of the drivers for starting this was my better half and unfortunately we’ve not had a chance to have much more of a conversation over the last six months, other than “are the packed lunches done?”, “fancy a glass of wine?” and “shall we watch a bit of TV?”. Ali has been travelling far more frequently with her work over the last six months, spending two weeks away (on the other side of the world) and two weeks back on a regular basis. Consequently, when she has been at home, I’ve wanted to make sure that her life is as easy as possible and bottled an awful lot of ‘stuff’ up.

On reflection this was my first error as it’s meant that we haven’t talked properly in months and I’ve made the hardest job on earth even harder for myself by not sharing what I was going through, either with her or myself (through the blog). As Ali reminded me, there are very few jobs on this earth where you are, quite literally, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you need to shout for help when you need it!

On Saturday night we had our first proper date night in longer than each of us could remember and put the world to rights. It had certainly been too long and we’ve agreed that it has to be a regular fixture in the diaries during the times Ali is back home, for both our sanities. One of the things added to the never diminishing ‘to do’ list was to re-start the blog (oh, and I should also re-invigorate the veg patch….).

Thankfully, I’ve been jotting content notes and ideas over the last six months, so there’s lots of material waiting to be written. I make no claims as to the quality of it, but then I’m not doing this for any other reason than to have a reminder of our amazing journey as a (relatively) newly formed family. My challenge is to do at least one post a week.

Having spent the last couple of days researching and reading some of the amazing Dad blogs out there, one thing that has struck me is the sense of community that exists and that none of us need to face this battle alone – many of the experiences and challenges others have gone through (and heroically beaten into submission), I (sorry, we) too have had the ‘joy’ facing, albeit it with, perhaps, slightly older children. As with all parenting, much of it has been on the fly, mistakes have been made, but at the end of the day, everybody is still alive, fed, watered and happy…..result!

So where to re-start?

I guess one thing that has bugged me is the acronym ‘S.A.H.D‘ – it just sounds pants. Many Dads have made this a career choice, or found themselves in this role through unfortunate circumstances, but I get the impression the majority are thoroughly enjoying it and, whilst not necessarily feeling like they are smashing it out of the park every single time, are giving it their best damned shot – that’s all any of us can ever do.

I definitely don’t feel ‘sad’ (permanently knackered, maybe) and the the last thing I do is ‘stay’ – whilst I may spend the majority of my working day at home, it just never stops – there is ALWAYS something that needs doing.

When asked what my job is, I’m genuinely proud to say I’m an At Home Dad (hence the blog name, plus it was about the best I could come up with when looking for a domain!). Other job titles I’ve seen, but are still a little unsatisfactory, include CDO (Chief Domestic Officer), CEO of the Home and Mr Mom (thanks to our American cousins).

So, any thoughts on an alternative job title??? No prizes, just the glory.

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