School Run Snippets

An Extra Eye????

school-312549_1280School Run Snippet #2 – Extra Eyes

E, as the youngest, is the last to be dropped off on the school run. Being in a different school to the others and mid-way through Year 4 has its advantages, including a slightly later start. The ‘advantage’ is something of a hard sell when the others may finish for school holidays earlier in the day, or, God forbid, one or more days earlier…..

Our morning routine ‘a deux’ is to get to school and wait for the doors to open at 8.30 before exiting the car. As many will sympathise, the school car park in a morning is not a place of joy and very often seeing kids thrown from moving cars can be quite upsetting, but we’ve learnt to deal with it.

On this particular occasion we were out of sight of the school door – a rare occurrence – so couldn’t properly establish whether it was open or not. E announced, quite calmly, that it was now open (despite being completely obscured!), so, naturally, I challenged her assertion, given that it was persisting it down and wanted to minimise my damp dog odour. So, I asked the question, “how can you possibly know, we can’t see the door?”

“I can see it with my extra eye”….

For those not fully versed in 9 year-old speak, this is translated as “X-Ray eyes”……

Recovery time = 6 minutes.

Oh, and unfortunately, she was right….

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