So, I’m a forty-something Dad – it’s only a number and totally irrelevant, I’m still twenty-something in my head…who has taken on a new job as a ‘stay at home dad’. As a number of Dads in a similar position have noted, it’s not the most snappy of job titles, and I’m sure many will agree that you have more chance of getting a ravenous dog to ‘stay’ whilst faced with a huge bone, than you do of any parent responsible for a little person…..or people.

Scarily, since January 2017, I’m now the full-time responsible adult for the appropriate clothing, feeding, transportation and safety of three small people, an additional small person on a periodic basis and step-dad to a grown up.

I’m Roger, married to Ali and we both have sons from our first marriages (aged 12 and 28). Four years ago we decided that we would like to adopt, and as we’re both a little bonkers (in complementary ways), our perfect adopted family would be a sibling group of at least two, but preferably three. Almost two years ago we became the proud parents of S, C and E who are (as of March 2017) 11, 9 and 8 years old and the most amazing, beautiful children we could ever have hoped for. In addition, Ali has a 28 year old son, N, who is living abroad and I have B who is 12 and lives with his Mum in the UK.

This blog is my way of trying to make sense of WTF just happened…..